Implicit for Teams Overview

SuiteCRM / SugarCRM integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a phenomenal collaboration platform for business users to present, review and discuss various types of content. Implicit’s deep integration with Microsoft Teams turns it into an efficient and productive CRM collaboration platform. It enables your sales, marketing, and support teams to discuss CRM topics, gather information from colleagues in real-time, exchange ideas and receive feedback.

Using Teams as a collaboration platform to share and discuss CRM records, will speed up your sales process and boost your team’s productivity. Furthermore, it allows you to keep records of important conversations, approvals, and transcripts of customers’ meetings in the CRM.


Sharing and Collaborating on CRM Records inside Teams

You can share CRM records inside Teams channels, chats, and meetings. CRM records are presented inside Teams in their native CRM format, exactly as you see them in a web browser including any customization that you have applied to your CRM instance. You can inline edit and update CRM records right from within Teams without having to switch back and forth between Teams and the CRM. The updates become immediately visible to the other team members, allowing users to work together on updating CRM records while communicating via Teams. You can share CRM records and initiate Teams discussions directly from your CRM or Outlook emails (*).


Integrating with Teams Meetings

When you use Teams meetings to meet online with your customers, Implicit allows you to access CRM records directly from within Teams in preparation for meetings and during live meetings. During live meetings, the CRM record is displayed in a side-panel which is visible to you and your team only, but not visible to any outside participant. You can also take notes and attach them directly to the meetings’ record in the CRM and once a meeting ends, the transcripts will automatically be attached as well.


CRM Approval in Teams

An important aspect of any collaboration is the ability to request approval, receive a response in real-time and record the complete session in an approval log in the CRM. Implicit has integrated the approval request and response directly into chat conversations in Teams. You simply select one or more approvers to send them the approval request. They get prompted that their approval is requested. They can view the related CRM record, discuss it with you or request additional information and then select to approve or decline. The complete conversation including the request and the response of each of the approvers is recorded with timestamps and saved as an approval log in the CRM.

The ability to send approval requests via teams, discuss the requests, provide additional information as needed or modify the requests in order to receive approval, ALL in real-time will have a huge impact on the productivity of your sales team.


Leveraging the power of Teams and Outlook together

Implicit for Teams and Implicit FrontEnd for Outlook are tightly integrated to offer users additional functionality and benefits. If you use Implicit for your Outlook integration, you can share CRM records directly from your inbox side-panel. For example, if you received an important email from a customer and you’d like to discuss it with your team, you can share the email itself and the related CRM record in Teams directly from Outlook. The outlook integration is also used to save transcripts of meetings in the CRM because the transcripts are ready only after meetings end. The Outlook add-in continues to track meetings and when the transcripts are ready, it retrieves and attaches them as a note to the meetings’ records in the CRM.

(*) Requires Implicit FrontEnd for Outlook

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